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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  December 12, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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this one and this is no exception. caltrans ready for high tides and heavy rain. it's built this wall of sandbags and all the way around the facility here in the shore line highway and folks who live on the water are securing their homes tonight. >> it's time to really be on full alert. >> reporter: bernie hub board is getting ready for a rough ride and that phenomenon called king tides and now on collision course with the winter storm and heading right for the bay area. >> if you get a 30, 40-mile-an-hour rain on top of high king tides you get an unusual situation. >> reporter: he's battening down the hatches and having his pilings secured. >> if they are not in good condition they can break and the house can float away. >> reporter: king tides are high hitting some roads in southern marin and two years ago a winter storm and king tides collided and sky 7 was over the result
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and the shore line highway was under water and parts of highway 101 got flooded out creating an epic backium and mill valley fire chief is monitoring the weather. >> a tide overp feet on wednesday and on thursday we've got a 6.9 tide so it will be a few inches less, but from experience we know that a good storm surge can easily make up into. >> the marin county sheriff's department sent out this word to subscribers of the drivers urged to be careful on the roads. it will be stormy. in mill valley. cornell bernard, abc 7 news. >> and workers spent the day trying to shore up a cliff that's falling towards the ocean in pacific a. you can see from sky 7 here, concede is being pumped into a hole and began to open in the sea wall over the weekend and it caused part of the beach access trail to collapse. it's being blamed on recent runoff and a pipe rupture and a
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cliff beneath an apartment building had been eroding for several years. >> a gorgeous shot of sky 7 and want to bring in meteorologist drew tumor for a look at the coming storms. drew? >> a really quiet storm to the newworkweek and lots of sunshine midday and the clouds are building back in. live doppler 7 right now, what you're seeing out there a real quiet picture and let's plan out your day on tuesday and hour by hour we'll go and have the clouds first thing and into the afternoon there is a chance of an isolated sprinkle and into the evening hours that chance is really going to be confined to the north bail. take a look at wednesday and especially thursday. the area of concern is going to be thursday afternoon into the evening hours. right now it's as 2 on the storm impact scale and strengthening at this hour and not only rain but also wind will be a factor so we'll talk about the finer details of that coming up in the full accuweather forecast. kristen? >> thank you, drew. >> a man suspected of running an escort service has been arrested
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on sexual assault charges including maybe. >> abc 7 reporter melanie woodrow is live in the newsroom with more. >> this is a sensitive case that police are talking about now because they believe there could be more victims. police believe 43-year-old david carrasco was running an escort service under joey noble. after police became aware of a sexual assault allegation involving carrasco they say the investigation revealed more allegations. they say he was using web sites like and kraft and to advertise and police are not say how many victims there are or how old or how young each the victims is, only that they have reason to believe that are more out there. >> with a sexual assault victim it could be anyone and the internet reaches every single person in age range so we want people to come forward and if you are afraid to come to the police or are embarrassed we want you to know that we're here to hip and want to bring justice if you are a victim of this
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individual. >> carrasco is also accused of destroying and concealing evidence. he's currently being held on $1.5 million bail. in the newsroom melanie wood row, abc 7 news. >> san francisco police now tell us a man found with a knife in his chest in the castro district and apparently committed suicide and it happened on 18th and diamond street and investigators have determined the man stabbed himself. >> a second suspect in custody in connection to last month's murder of an east by a man. contra costa county sheriff's detectives arrested 32-year-old ray simonss. he and two others are accused of shooting and beating of will simms. investigators called this attack a hate crime. simms' body was found on the road november 12. the one suspect was arrested four days after the murder and they are still looking for 1-year-old daniel ortega. >> san jose police need your
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help to find an armed robber who went after a man with disabilities. this is the surveillance tape of the incident and the suspect on the bike deliberately ran over the man on the sidewalk. after helping the victim up, the bicyclist pulled out a gun, stole the man's cell phone and pedals off after kicking the victim to the ground. look at that. the vic twhoim cannot speak gave a description of his attacker. he's described as being between 16 and 25 wearing a dark beanie and a dark shirt. >> someone knows something about it or recognizes the suspect and the they could contact us so we can do follow-up and hopefully take this guy off the streets. >> police add none of their leads have been strong enough to make an arrest. >> a witness who is snapping a picture helped oakland police find a stolen car linked to a string of robberies. detectives say four boys ages 14 to 17 drove around in a gold infinity and robbing people yesterday morning. the east bay times reports they targeted five victims and one of them was a 75-year-old woman.
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police discovered the stolen car near its rightful owners's home in north observing land. the suspects had parked it nearby. officers arrested the four boys and found stolen items inside the car. oakland police looking for the driver of a car that overturned on foothill boulevard early this morning. he ran away leaving a critically injured passenger behind. the crash also took down two power lines. when the car was turned back over, several beer cans fell out and a case of beer was visible inside that car. the crash happened a block from garfield elementary school. investigators still have no idea how a virus started this weekend at a concord apartment complex. one of the residents shared this video with us and said they tried to put it out with garden hoses. at least four false families were forced out by the smoke and flames early saturday night though no one was injured. more than a dozen people, many of them children, were displeaded and the red cross is helping. it looks like they will not be back in their homes though in time for the holidays.
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federal investigators have now left the scene of the dead lie ghost ship fire and trurnd to local control that. means community can now get an "up close" look at the gutted warehouse that claimed 36 lives. meantime, wee learning there is a new report about a possible cause. abc 7 news reporter laura anthony is live at the scene on 31st in oakland. laura? snore hi, kristen. well, now that investigators have moved out there is a growing memorial here in front of ghost ship warehouse. you can see in front of us are, there is a report from "east bay times" saying they believe an overloaded electrical system caused the fire at the same time as we speak, a contingent of first responders, fire and police, are preparing for a vigil of their own here at the scene. now that investigators are mostly gone, the gutted ghost ship warehouse has become a place to mourn for families members of the victims and. largest community all sharing
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had a common emotion. >> grief, of course. grief. any time you lose an artist, we lose a part of the world and % lose a part of ourselves. >> it's just overwhelming. kay sims is teacher at laney collins and she was a student in simms' pino class >> what a gem and she stood out from the class. >> they are thriving, thriving artists and -- and, you know, i could have lived like this back in the day. >> mario rodriguez and his family were in town from santa rosa and decided to stop by a building that they had seen only in pictures until now. >> i think the sadness and how bad the people suffered while this was happening and it's just sad. wish it never would have happened. >> atf and public officials are planning the next update on tuesday morning. in oakland, laura hadn't any,
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abc 7 news. also today the u.s. senate passed a resolution honoring the 36 ghost ship fire victims and commended first responders for working tirelessly under difficult conditions. still ahead tonight, the wells fargo scandal spreading. it's now forcing a fortune 500 company to stop what it's doing and state officials to step in. harvesting lettuce under dead line. the building battle that's forcing this garden to go. after hitting a low note, stanford's banned band decides to fates music and fight back. we'll tell you how. and do you consider yourself an expert on emojis?
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- anwith the city on newbnb, common-sense home sharing rules. to help protect affordable housing, we've launched a one host, one home policy. so hosts may now only rent space at one address in san francisco. and we want to work together to improve the city's permit system so that it's simple, fair and effective. together, we can make the new rules work for all of san francisco. we have a follow-up to a story we did a few months ago. the last commercial natural in san francisco called little city gardens was asked to vacate the land it was leasing.
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neighbors tried unsuccessfully to keep the farm there, but now the golden bridges school will take its place. today the last crops were pulled and the greenhouse is gone. abc 7 news reporter lyanne melendez has more. >> reporter: for more than six years this old sign told neighbors what extra crops would be available at little city gardens farm. today the sign was taken down and the farm gone. >> we've taken down our greenhouse and continuing to break down other structures, so we're moving off the property. >> yeah, i'm sad. i've helped a lot here and we've become good friends. >> bob short was among many neighbors who wanted the farm to stay. the one-acre piece of land located at 102 kotter street was not owned by little city gardens. two years ago a small school called golden bridges bought it for 1.2 million with the intent of moving out of its present location and into this wide-open space. more than 70% of the parcel would remain in open space area
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with only a few small structures. but neighbors are concerned about the amount of traffic the school would bring even though the school will ask parents to drop kits off at nearby balboa park and walk in a group from there. >> just a big unknown so hopefully we're just hoping that the school is going to be as great a community member and partner as little city gardens has been. the soil here has also helped retain rain water in an area known for flooding. the school could open as early as september 2018. i really believe our school will be a beautiful and positive entity on that property. the owner of little city gardens is now asking the city to consider purchasing a few vacant lot to the allow urban farmers to have some kind of security. in san francisco lyanne melendez, abc 7 news. >> the stanford university marching band is appealing its suspension and in a statement kusz administrators of wanting a lucrative brand with a well-manicured image. on friday the university
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suspended the band until june citing alcohol use and misuse of funds. university officials say the band's non-conformist spirit sometimes spills over into embarrassing behavior and the band's statement ended with a question we've always asked ourselves, the funkless still need funk and who else needs it. it looks like somebody hacked into barth's readout division. the sign says america, we appreciate for the inconvenience. we have a call into barth to see what they have to say. a woman and her newborn are recovering in a san francisco hospital after she gave birth overnight in golden gate park. paramedics located the 33-year-old woman around 4:00 this morning behind the rose garden after receiving an anonymous call. the mother and friend have been cleaning in the park. mom and babe were in fair
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condition when they looked at the temperature that was below 50 degrees. >> how flying should get easier for some. >> and wells fargo bank in trouble yet again. 7 on your side's michael finney here with more. >> the revelations about wells fargo just keep coming, don't they? >> the well fargs ore scandal is spreading and employees say they were fired for warning their company, the wells fargo might be up to something. low-cost producing life insurance policies were sold under the wells fargo fame and three prudential employees have filed suit saying they were fired for pointing out that the policies sold through wells fargo had a high drop rate. now that begged the question, they said, where wells fargo employees setting up fake insurance policies the same way they set up fake bank accounts by stealing customers' identity. prudential announced it's suspending the sale of those policies >> air travellers were disabilities won major concessions today. the u.s. department of transportation has announced new
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policies to improve the accessibility of bath rooms on aircrafts and a change to into flight movies. new rules will make bathrooms easier to get into and out of on single-aisle aircraft and captioning will be added to in-flight entertainment. changes will not happen all at once but will be implemented over time. >> there is news tonight of a new low-cost high-yield bank account that comes from an unlikely source, goldman sachs. the online savings account and certificates of deposit are being offered by gs bank and no transaction fees and no minimum deposit to open an account and the earnings are high by today's standards. 1.05%. that rate is in the top tier nationally among the competition and the only rule here is before they will pay interest you have to have at least $1 in your account. >> oh, okay. >> okay. >> i think most can manage that. >> thank you, michael.
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>> thank you >> all right. former hewlett-packard ceo carly fiorina says she had a productive meeting today with president-elect donald trump. the "new york times" reports fiorina is being considered for the job of director of national intelligence. fiorina told reporters that it was an honor to meet with mr. trump saying they spent a fair amount of time talking about china as well as hacking. fiorina made an unsuccessful bid for the republican nomination where she feuded with mr. trump who attacked her appearance. and we'll learn more about mr. trump's cabinet tomorrow. about 45 minutes ago mr. trump tweeted he'll be announcing his choice for secretary of state in the morning. meanwhile tim cook, cheryl sandberg and elon musk and layer page are among the tech leaders meeting with mr. trump on wednesday. they are expected to discuss the tax codes as well as trade deals. the invitation came from mr. trump's son-in-law jared kushner and billionaire tech investor peter thiele. >> now we turn our attention to the coming way.
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meteorologist drew tomb sax here with more on that. >> kristen and layer, a quiet start to the week and dry today. live doppler 7 giving us the all clear and live doppler 7 will be very busy tracking soaking rains and moving across the entire area. take you outside along the embarcadero here in the abc 7 studios. a vafl high cloud cover and a veil of rising moon and the cold moon. a chilly day stuck in the 50s and that's where you currently sit in hey lost spots. 593 in oakland and san francisco and 54 san mateo and we're down to 49 in vallejo and chilly at 47 degrees so we'll show you what to expect on your tuesday. a lot of cloud cover. our mildest locations in the south bay will be palo alto and san jose topping out right around 60 degrees. about 58 in san francisco tomorrow afternoon and 59 oakland and then into the north bay we are tracking highs in the mid to upper 50s and isolated showers moving through the north bay, so on the storm impact scale this weak system arriving late tomorrow night into wednesday and it's really a
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north bay storm. it's a 1 on the storm impact scale. the north bay could expect anywhere from a quarter to three-quarts of an inch of rain and outside the north bay just an isolated shower is very likely. future weather as we go hour by hour. wednesday very early in the morning and the rain focused in the north bay and that's the theme as we go throughout the wednesday afternoon and evening time frame. the rain stays there until thursday morning and this system gets its act together and it's strengthened and will bring widespread soaking rain across the region and we'll upgrade this system to a two. a moderate storm that will bring widespread rainfall along with gusty winds and we expect three quarters to an inch and a half of rain fall by thursday evening and along the coast we could see more than 2 inches of rain out of this vigorous system and future weather, we go hour by hour and here comes the cold front beginning to move into the region. slowly progresses through the north bay and by 9:00, 10:00 it's knocking on the door at the heart of the bay area and it
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will be along the cold front and ahead of it we'll find very gusty winds. we'll show you very early thursday morning and winds likely across the region over 30 miles per hour and those active winds will likely continue even into the early afternoon hours as well. you want that sturdy umbrella on thursday because those winds will be whipping as that rain is moving through. future tracker rainfall amounts will show you the potentials there for a lot of urban spots and even including the south bay to see more than an inch of rain. i highest totals once again will be in the north bay and along the coast where the system will last the longest. it will also bring snow into the sierra. winter storm watch is in effect 8 to 16 inches over our passes so take note. whiteout conditions very likely on 80 and 50 during that time. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast tomorrow. it's a really quiet day. a light shower in the north bay and wednesday there's the 1 on the storm impact scale. the south bay you are dry. north bay system and by thursday this is is widespread. it's a moderate storm and rainy
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and lingering shower on friday and then we quiet down over the weekend. >> right now we're going to take you back live out to east oakland. the site of the deadly ghost ship warehouse fire because that's where members of the oakland fire department are paying tribute to those who died in the fire. >> listen to the bagpipes here for just a second. ♪ most firefighters are from fire station 13 which is a block away from the warehouse. these are some. first to respond to that blaze only minutes after it broke out. the fire impacted the entire oakland department and the fire department in so many ways and the emotional toll on people is really evident. 36 people died in the blaze and tomorrow the atf will update their investigation during a morning media briefing. federal investigators completed their work at the fire scene this weekend.
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♪ >> first responders paying tribute to the victims of the ghost ship fire continuing
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afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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it seems rudolph is getting summarily and reindeer in the arctic have been shrinking in size over the past two decades. scientists say the average adult reindeer weighs 12% less than it used to. that's a little more than 100 pounds. what do you think they are blaming, layery? >> i'm going to guess it's global warming. >> yes, less food sources. they do say they are blaming climate change. warmer winters mean more rain which freezes the snow preventing reindeer from reaching the food buried below. the reindeer either lose their calves, really sad, or the babies are just born smaller. >> these guys are pretty hefty
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right there. >> those are the hefty ones on camera. >> tonight, four palo alto council members will ask peers to beginning donating $15,000 to help care for two of the city's donkeys. one is named perry and the other jenny. they live in bowls park and are a big attraction for families and visitors. all right. let's get your close-up right there. the park needs the money, and it will cover the donkeys' expenses for the next five years. perry is a miniature donkey and is said to have been the inspiration for the character donkey in "sclek. >> instagram provided this live feature in action today of a kid who is really sugared up. some say it's a hybrid between facebook live and twitter's periscope and here's the difference with instagram's live, the videos do not archive, so you have to follow somebody's
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account in order to tune in at just the right time if you're going to catch them live. i'm not sure how that's an advantage over the others. >> ale has redesigned many of its new emojis to coincide with its rollout of ios 10.2. this adds hundreds of new characters including men and women in new careers. meanwhile, there's a london company that's locking looking for an emoji translator. thought to be the first of its kind type of job. the applicant needs to have a passion for emojis. emoji translation is a dominant field only by software. at this point emojis are not considered a language in and of itself. stand by. that day is coming. >> oh, gosh. still ahead at 5:00 -- >> oh, hey, mayor. how are you? >> good to see you. >> we're about to fine out.
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the bay area few new about and she's suddenly getting pretty well known. you'll see why next. >> first we want to thank aches 7 news for this instagram picture of lombard street at night. that's spectacular. >> share your pictures with us on social media. use the #"abc 7 news now" zero really can be a hero.ds) get zero down, zero deposit, zero due at signing, and zero first month's payment on select volkswagen models. right now
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at the volkswagen sign then drive event.
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coming up at 6:00, it is the hottest ticket in town. these folks waiting in line for "hamilton" tickets in san francisco. what is fueling such high demand for this snow? >> google makes a deal with cuba. the initial offer from the tech giant that the island nation actually refused. >> plus, healing hearts after they suddenly stop. we'll hear from local researchers who are on the forefront of discovering a way to help heart attack victims. and take your best shot. advice on how to take photos like a pro with your smartphone all coming up in half an hour on "abc 7 news at 6:00."
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>> so have you ever wondered what a politician does when he or she is running late for a public appearance? meet one who sings in the car. >> and the man on the left on your screen right there is san ramon's mayor bill clarkson. keeney picked "my girl" for their version of carpool karaoke. ♪ i guess you said what can make me feel this what i ♪ ♪ my girl, my girl ♪ talking about my girl ♪ my girl >> they are good. you got the snapping in the background. mayor clarkson say the motown melody, doing the melody heading to the san ramon chamber of commerce awards dinner. did the best stuff before going
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to the dinner. "world news tonight" with david muir. tonight, the images coming in. deadly driving. the snow and ice. hundreds of accidents. and now, the arctic air sweeping in, wind chills 10 to 20 below zero. president-elect donald trump and the russian hackers. he says he doesn't believe it. taking on the intelligence community he will soon rely on. and on whether he needs the daily intelligence briefings? >> you know, i'm, like, a smart person. i don't have to be told the same thing in the same words every single day. also tonight, the deadly plot. after seeing dylann roof calmly walking into that church, killing nine, tonight, the chilling new moment in court. the list of other potential targets revealed. the dangerous blast. neighbors who called the utility company. hours went by. the home blowing up. and holiday shoppers. the one app tonight that tracks your gift list in these final


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